Ayşe Uçuk | about me
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about me

Who am I as a printmaker?

I am of English and Turkish background. I was mostly raised in Turkey but also had the influence of England as you mostly take on the things your mother appreciates or does. At an early age, I always had some form of art in my life. If it wasn’t a crayon, a pen or play-doh, I am pretty sure I found something I could create art with.


Everyone thought I would grow out of it but actually I did not. Whilst in secondary school I had already decided that I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. Of course I wanted to fulfill my dream but was made to believe that art (any job related to art) would not be a job get by on.


However, I was adamant that I wanted to go to study art and which I did. At the age of 17, I decided I wanted to fulfill my dream so I moved to England. I got into Cambridge school of Art (ARU), where I studied Printmaking-Fine Arts as a degree.


While at university and after completing my degree I took part in a lot of exhibitions and sold some of my artwork. I also had the opportunity to explore more when I worked as an Art technician at the university I graduated from which was quite some time ago.


I ended up moving back to Turkey-Izmir hoping I would be able to carry on with producing more artwork but somehow I was unable to find and make time to even get creative.


One thing led to another and a year and a half ago I moved to sunny, arty Barcelona where I got back my arty streak. Since then, I have got back into drawing, painting and most off all printing again. In my work I tend to print things that have a lot of meaning and value to me.  Nowadays, I only print for the fun and pleasure of it but who knows what will happen in the future…


Mostly though, I am just glad that I have found my passion again in which I had lost all those years ago.

I’d love hear from you!

Whenever you like you can always send me a message by filling in the form or by sending me a message on my Facebook or via my Instagram account.

If you have any inquiries about collaborations or commissions – please use the contact form.